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Writer’s Block, Anyone?

Writer’s Block?
Even if you are the most prolific writer in the world, you will one day likely experience the dreaded phenomenon known as “Writer’s Block!” It’s like a demon that appears suddenly from nowhere, grabs you by the brain and won’t let you go. Scary? Yes, but worry not. There is a cure! [Read more…]

Romance of the U.P. Recalled in “A Tree Grows in Trout Creek”

Ancient Ojibwa burial grounds, Northern Lights, and the life of an iron miner’s family are looked at through the eyes of a spirited, sometimes somber girl searching out her wishes and dreams. Poignant and funny, A Tree Grows in Trout Creek celebrates the mystery and miracles of growing up as it follows a small town family through times of laughter, tears, and triumph.

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Memories for Sale: Finders! Keepers!

Want to take a trip to the past, find your favorite memories? Rediscover the fun and adventure you shared with your family and friends a few—or many—years ago? Since I am an author of memoirs, actually two books of memoirs, The Wishing Years and A Tree Grows in Trout Creek, recollecting my life stories is what I do just about every day. Weekdays, I write from my office in Michigan, the stories of my and my family and friends’ youthful experiences.

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Chicago Tribune Gives High Ratings to Upper Peninsula Pasties!

Just received this great bit of Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Yooper) hot breaking news from an old pal from Stambaugh High School, Carole Frighetto Stewart. She writes in regard to Tim Jones’ Chicago Tribune news article in yesterday’s paper: The Top of the Lake, A ride through Yooper land, from Menominee to the bridge: [Read more…]