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Author Treasures U.P. Childhood


Published Sunday, November 18, 2007 4:25:26 PM Central Time


Globe Staff Writer

In the title story of her new book, Coralie Cederna Johnson writes:

“Nobody wanted to go to Trout Creek. There was nothing there. Nothing but a lot of trees. Trees, trees and more trees.”

Overlooking the forest for a single tree, Johnson’s Finnish grandfather from Minnesota was bringing a small mountain ash tree to plant at the home of relatives in Trout Creek.

To a 9-year-old girl, this made no sense.

In “A Tree Grows in Trout Creek,” Johnson, of Ypsilanti, tells tales from her Upper Peninsula childhood.

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Book Signing ~ Ypsilanti ~ Wonderful Audience!

Last evening’s book signing for A Tree Grows in Trout Creek was so much fun! The audience at our Normal Park Neighborhood monthly meeting was terrific. They enjoyed the brief history notes and then the humorous story called Skunked. They laughed in all the right places. What more could an author ask for! And I’m going to be invited back for a second book reading and signing for the seniors. Can’t wait!

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Book Signing ~ Ypsilanti!

I have my first book signing this evening for our neighborhood monthly meeting and am really looking forward to it! I’ll read from my new book, A Tree Grows in Trout Creek, and then take questions as time allows. I’m going to read two short excerpts, one of Michigan history and the other strictly for humor. The book is a collection of memoirs about growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and follows my family, friends and me as we make out way through times of laughter, tears and triumph.

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Turning Clocks Back An Hour – Dogs Not Impressed!

With the new time change we are experiencing this week, I’m trying to get the shelties to understand we’re doing things differently. But it’s not working! It may only be 3 a.m. but to Ginger, Carrie and Bonnie, it is 4 a.m. and time to get up! I keep telling them, they’re wrong…but they just bark a little (well, a lot) louder. Maybe I can get them trained by springtime when we turn our clocks one hour forward. You think?