Archives for December 2007

Lost Sheltie!

Tues evening is when it happened. I looked out in the backyard to let my sheltie “Carrie” into the house and discovered to my alarm that the gate was ajar and she was gone. We later learned that the meter person had been here while we were away and left the gate unlocked. A strong wind opened it.

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Book Signing in Chicago!

Finally back home again after a wonderful Thanksgiving visit with family and friends in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!  Of course, Thanksgiving is always a time for celebration in our family and so are the family birthdays that happen just about the same time each year. I was born on Thanksgiving day and my sister Corinne was born three days later and ten years earlier. So this year we traveled from the U.P. to Chicago to celebrate with her. She held a Book Signing Party at her home for me with several guests to share the afternoon of visiting and readings. It turned out to be a great success and super fun day!