A Little Snowfall in the U.P.


This is how our backyard looked a few years back in the U.P. A little snowfall…nothing big, just a few flakes. Then the sun came out to celebrate. Don’t you love the Upper Peninsula of Michigan’s weather? If not, wait five minutes and it will change! Never a dull moment!


  1. Did Shep shovel his own front walk? Must be why he got fried chicken often for a treat.

  2. Good old Shep had a sweet soft bed in that dog house! Isn’t this a wonderful scene? Great UP snowfall! Thanks for stopping by, Paul!

  3. Hi Coralie, I found you through Shellmo’s pages and, since you said you were from the U.P., I tracked you down! I loved reading your story about going Christmas shopping with you friend and $5. We used to do that, too, and we’d agonize over who got what and whether or not we had enough to buy for everybody.
    I was born in Laurium, in the Copper Country, but I live on Drummond Island now. That is, I live there from April to December, when we become Snow Birds and migrate down to South Carolina.
    I have a blog, too, at http://cabinandcamp.blogspot.com
    I write about cabin living, much as Shelley does, and we sort of follow each other around!
    Nice to meet others from God’s Country.

  4. Hey! Thanks for the visit! Always great to meet people from the U.P. (whether they’re still there or not)! I’m so glad you liked the story! (Check out ORDER BOOKS on this website to read about the books I’ve written about growing up in the U.P.) I’m going right now to check out your blog. Thanks for the comment, Mona!

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