Chicago Tribune Gives High Ratings to Upper Peninsula Pasties!

Just received this great bit of Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Yooper) hot breaking news from an old pal from Stambaugh High School, Carole Frighetto Stewart. She writes in regard to Tim Jones’ Chicago Tribune news article in yesterday’s paper: The Top of the Lake, A ride through Yooper land, from Menominee to the bridge:

“Hey Gang: Get this: In today’s Sunday Tribune, they had an article about Yooper land and how nice it is to bike ride thru it all. They talked about Pasties being the staple food of the Upper Peninsula and about this store that makes the “best” pasties (according to this writer). It’s called Dobbers and they have a store in Iron Mountain and one in Escanaba. Well, they went on to mention that you can order pasties thru their website (for those of us who don’t know how to make the dough very well). I was amazed and so I checked it out. Sure enough……………..take a look at their website and see for yourself. Just Google at I’m going to order some and see how they compare. They have 4 kinds: regular beef (with rutabaga, though), chicken pasties, vegetable pasties and Wisconsin cheese pasties. I’m going to call their 800 number and see if I can order the beef pasties, but without the rutabaga. Thought you all might be interested in this………………”

Thanks for the update, Carole! Yes, we’re interested! Additionally, readers will find a recipe for pasties in my new book, A Tree Grows in Trout Creek, available now at a discounted price of $12.95 + $4.60 Priority Mail. Go to ORDER BOOKS on this website and check out the other book offers available! You can also order by regular mail: Wildwood Press, PO Box 980616, Ypsilanti, MI 48198.

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