Lost Sheltie!

Tues evening is when it happened. I looked out in the backyard to let my sheltie “Carrie” into the house and discovered to my alarm that the gate was ajar and she was gone. We later learned that the meter person had been here while we were away and left the gate unlocked. A strong wind opened it.

That evening and all the next day I was in a panic. We made & posted signs and fliers with her picture on them all over the area, called the Humane Society, Sheltie Rescues, vet offices. Received calls that she’d been sighted in heavy traffic areas, running scared. Many tried to catch her, but she wouldn’t allow it. We followed leads all day and once even saw her across yards & hills and valleys and she couldn’t hear me. Finally, as it became darker and darker we received a call that she had crossed the busiest traffic area at the busiest time of night. We raced there, but couldn’t see her anywhere.

Finally, a young man called us and had followed her to a truck bay where he was able to trap her and rescue her. He had her in his truck. My little 10-year old sheltie made it through everything without a scratch; I, however, was a basket case over the possibility of either never seeing her again or worse. Anyway, a happy ending. Thank God!


  1. Oh My ! I am so glad she is safe and at home now. What a nightmare. The poor thing. I am sure she is happy to be home again with her loving family. wow.

  2. Thanks, Chris! I’m sure everyone was wondering why they hadn’t heard from me for so long…vacation first, then lost sheltie. We’re so lucky to have her back. Thanks for your kind thoughts!

  3. Oh my goodness! I hate that pit you get when they are missing. We had the police looking for Elsie once. It is awful. I’m glad she is back.

  4. Yes! She was gone for 26 hours and we just didn’t think we’d get her back. Now, we call her our “Miracle Dog”! Thanks for stopping, Karen!

  5. Hello Coralie,
    Glad to hear Carrie is safe, sound and back home. I can’t even fathom the thought of our 3 babies being lost. We hope to here from you soon again at The Hometown View.

  6. Thanks Melody! We feel like the luckiest people ever!

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