Memory Writing for Everyone!

One doesn’t have to be a successful author to write their memoirs! Think of the times that have meant the most in your life! Make a list. Write down these times. Start with ten memories that really touch your soul!

Then, pick one! Answer these ten questions:
•    When did this happen?
•    Where did this happen?
•    How old was I?
•    Who was with me in this memory?
•    What can I see?
•    What can I hear?
•    What can I smell?
•    What can I taste?
•    How does this memory make me feel?
•    What else can I remember about this memory?

Start writing! Don’t stop! Don’t edit. Just write! Leave it alone for a few hours. Then read it aloud. Share it with someone you love!


  1. This is a good idea!

  2. Great! Thanks for stopping by!

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