Turning Clocks Back An Hour – Dogs Not Impressed!

With the new time change we are experiencing this week, I’m trying to get the shelties to understand we’re doing things differently. But it’s not working! It may only be 3 a.m. but to Ginger, Carrie and Bonnie, it is 4 a.m. and time to get up! I keep telling them, they’re wrong…but they just bark a little (well, a lot) louder. Maybe I can get them trained by springtime when we turn our clocks one hour forward. You think?


  1. Such fun! We dont have any dogs, but we have a cat. She sleeps on my bed and when its time for me to get up (5am) she will paw my face! Its terrible on weekends when we sleep in, because she knows that she gets her treat for breakfast; Turkey Baby Food! Good luck w/you Shelties!

  2. Turkey Baby Food! Ohh…lucky kitten! I love how animals have built-in alarms but it can get difficult when there’s a time change or weekends come around. I once had a cat who would wake me up every morning by purring happily but LOUDLY in my ear! You gotta’ love ’em!

  3. The time change is such a hassle! Maybe I don’t like it because the dogs don’t.

  4. I’d be happier if we didn’t have to change forward or back! And, of course, the dogs would love that too!

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